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Building History

Our middle school, organized in 1966 - 67, began its initial operation as a separate unit in September 1967. It originally shared what is now the Community Center on Arch Street with the high school which was at the time grades 9 - 12 on a temporary split-session occupancy schedule. In February 1968 after the completion of the new high school building on North Richmond Street, grades 9 - 12 moved out and the middle school became the sole occupant of the building on Arch Street.

Due to district enrollment and the need for updated educational facilities, the new middle school at 407 N. Richmond Street opened in September 1989. The high school/middle school buildings at 407/409 North Richmond Street were once again renovated in 1999 to become the district's middle school. The new building offered many physical advantages to students with updated equipment, physical facilities, an expanded library, and expanded computer facilities. In order to create an organizational pattern that provide for the developmental changes unique to early adolescent students, a goal of the middle school is to provide for the academic, personal, physical, social, and emotional needs of the student during transition from the elementary school to the high school.